First JOS Lecture for 2017 – RSVP now!

The John Owen Society is pleased to announce this term’s lecture! Continuing with the various 500 year anniversary celebrations of the Reformation in 2017, this lecture should be good food for the mind and soul.

Lecture Title: ‘Union with Christ: The Meaning and Promise of a Reformed Idea’

Lecture Abstract: Though a rather narrow topic at first blush, the ‘economic identity’ of Christ and the Spirit brings into view an impressive collection of the perennial questions with which theology continues to be engaged. In this term’s John Owen Society lecture, Mark Garcia will engage this topic from the perspective of Calvin’s theology, particularly as it informs his exegesis of Romans and opens up this vast theological expanse. Through a brief analysis of union with Christ and story in Calvin’s theology, Dr Garcia will point to several of the more significant features in Calvin’s model and raise some matters for reflection.

Speaker: Dr Mark Garcia is President of the Greystone Theological Institute. He is a Reformed theologian and pastor with a PhD from the University of Edinburgh in systematic theology and has held academic posts at institutions including Cambridge University, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, and Reformed Theological Seminary. He is author of Life in Christ: Union with Christ and Twofold Grace in Calvin’s Theology (Paternoster, 2008) as well as many journal articles and essays. His recent research has focused on horrendous evils and the atonement, the theological virtues, the theological ontology of the feminine, and the doctrine of Scripture.

Date: Monday 20 March 2017
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.
Cost: Free.  That said, we will be inviting attendees to become members of the John Owen Society on the evening, and welcome an optional contribution.  This is entirely optional but we would be greatly encouraged by your support as we endeavour to bring high quality Reformed lectures to Oxford.

RSVP: please do register for the evening at

Please join with us in praying that this event would be of great benefit.  We look forward to seeing you there and sharing drinks and nibblies with you afterwards.


DOWNLOAD: Tony Lane Talk @ JOS Michaelmas Term

Late last year, Prof. Tony Lane gave the Michaelmas Term lecture for the John Owen Society entitled: ‘Regensburg Article 5 on Justification: Compromising Patchwork or Ecumenical Breakthrough?’

In 1541, at the most famous of the many colloquies between Catholic and Protestant theologians, Bucer, Melanchthon, Gropper and Eck produced a brief agreed statement on justification by faith. Luther regarded it as a compromising patchwork of inconsistent ideas. Calvin saw it as a significant achievement. Who was right? Does the agreement have any ongoing significance for Catholic-Protestant relations?

If you would like to listen to the talk, click here to download it.

Stay tuned for any forthcoming works by Tony Lane on Regensburg, and also stay tuned for our next JOS event to be announced tomorrow.